Project of Heart

1280px-RyersonUniversityLibraryIt’s been three years since I’ve been out of school but my love for learning new things has stayed with me. What I enjoyed the most about being a university student was getting assigned research essays and literature reviews. Yeah, writing these papers were challenging and very time consuming but for some reason I really enjoyed spending hours in the library digging up information and then having to put it all together [hashtag nerd :P]. Looking back I realize that this aspect of being a student helped me to become a critical thinker and to consider more than one perspective – two (of many) important skills to have when navigating this thing called life.

Sooo with that being said, I am resuming my research endeavours because I will be participating in the Project of Heart. Since 2012 many Canadians both young and old have taken part in this six step project about the history and legacy of the Indian Residential School System. From my understanding this nation-wide project came out of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an avenue to raise awareness on the truth concerning Residential Schools in Canada and to commemorate its survivours.

The reasons why I want to participate in this project is so that I can have a more informed understanding of the common challenges faced by the population I work alongside. Challenges such as systemic racism, poverty, abuse/neglect, and substance abuse/addictions to name a few. I see the Project of Heart as an opportunity to be a part of a brighter and new history between Canada’s Indigenous nations and non-Indigenous citizens.

If you have participated in the Project of Heart please feel free to share about it in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading!



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