Dream Job Becomes Reality

“Hi Shaleena … We would like to offer you the position…”

This week I’ve been eager to share some exciting news with those of you who have been following my journey! I am now a firm believer in the power of networking and perseverance  because they are the main reasons why I can now say…I AM EMPLOYED WITH AN INDIGENOUS-RUN FAMILY SERVICES AGENCY! Not only is this job working with Indigenous people but it is the place I’ve had my eyes set on for quite some time – I hope that doesn’t sound stalker-ish. Since receiving my degree in CYC three years ago it has been a dream of mine to one day work at Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST). And this past week that dream came true!

If you have a dream job you’re working towards, I encourage you to continue to persevere and network until you get it! I almost gave up and settled for something else and I am glad I didn’t! Below is a picture timeline of how my dream job became a reality.

Story time…

The first time I heard about NCFST was when I attended their Sister’s In Spirit Vigil back in 2013. This was also my first time hearing about the missing and murdered women crisis in Canada. Since attending the vigil that day I began to look into what NCFST was about and how to get involved. In my 3rd and 4th year of university I would take frequent walks down the street to NCFST and envision myself working there one day. I wanted to take part in their mission!
In my 3rd year I gave my resume to their receptionist expressing my interest in completing my last internship placement with them. I was very eager, maybe a bit too eager? I left voice-mails and sent follow-up emails but unfortunately I didn’t hear back from them. At the time I realized that maybe I needed to get experience first to be noticed. Passion perhaps was not enough, so after graduation I spent three months interning at two reserves on Manitoulin Island to gain experience working with Anishinabek children and youth.

…After my internship experience on Manitoulin Island I applied and got a job in a licensed child care agency to gain more experience in the CYC field. I wanted to build more on my skills and knowledge related to working with children and parents. In this role I supported children with special needs…

Two years later I decided to try contacting NCFST again. I sent an email to their volunteer department expressing my interest in serving Canada’s Indigenous children and families and inquired about their volunteer opportunities. Again, I didn’t receive a response and became a little discouraged. 


About two month later (December 2016) I was having a conversation with a family friend and it turned out that he knew someone who worked at NCFST! He gave me their contact info and encouraged me to send them my cover letter/resume (#networking!). I began to have hope again and kept an eye out for NCFST current job postings. In January I found one that I qualified for and sent my cover letter/resume to the contact person I was told to. I got a reply the next day saying that they would HAND DELIVER my application to Human Resources! Could you imagine the excitement that was building up inside of me???!!! Four years of waiting and hoping and then finally I get a reply!


A couple weeks later I got invited to do an interview for the position I applied for. I was so excited and filled with gratitude that this opportunity came my way. On February 14 my interview took place and on March 10 I got offered the job! 

I am looking forward to building relationships with the staff and with the families I will be serving there. It is my hope that I will be gaining more hands on experience on how to be a culturally competent ally!  AH! I am so grateful for where this journey is headed!

Feel free to share your dream job adventure in the comment section below 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Miss. Solidarity


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