Do Something

Tears slowly streamed down my face after watching the documentary film 3rd World Canada. Although it was four years ago, I still remember my thoughts of unbelief and feeling my heart fill up with grief as I was exposed to the horrific living conditions that some First Nations children faced.

“Now that you know and have seen…” my professor said to me as I felt her gentle but firm grip on my shoulder, “…what are you going to do?”

Her call to action that gloomy morning motivated me for the years I had left as a university student, to further educate myself of the injustices that Canada’s Indigenous nations have and still face today. I did this by writing the majority of my research papers and essays on topics such as:

  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis
  • First Nations Youth Suicide Crisis
  • Sixties Scoop
  • Residential Schools
  • Social Determinants of Health

When I immersed myself in such disturbing content I experienced a lot sadness, anger, and sometimes even hopelessness. I began spreading the word to my student colleagues at the time and to my family members, friends, and even strangers. Who would have thought that the well beloved and peacekeeping Canada was actually a perpetrator of what could arguably be considered genocide?! Not me.

Fast forward to the present, I continue to do research and bring awareness to the social issues facing Canada’s Indigenous population. I am currently seeking employment and volunteer opportunities working with Indigenous services and communities. I am also participating in the Project of Heart campaign which I will be blogging about in the near future.

Thank you for reading,

Miss. Solidarity

Special thanks to Andrée Cazabon and Kim Snow for inspiring me to do something. I created this blog to share my journey and invite others to join. 

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